Why Tailor-Made Consulting

Tailor-Made Consulting brings “tailor-made” security and environmental friendly solutions to your front door. We are committed to understanding your “needs and concerns”, before designing a tailored solution. We strive to add value to both residential and commercial markets by applying best principles, philosophies and ethical behaviour. This forms an integral part and foundation of our relationships with our customers, suppliers and subcontractors.

Areas of concern for all South Africans are securing of our family & property as well as our impact we have on our beautiful environment.

Having identified these concerns, we decided to hone in on these challenges. In doing so, we’ve partnered with world-renowned partners, to bring state-of-the-art solutions, specifically designed to combat these challenges.

We believe that delivering these solutions, we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market, which allows us to create a sustainable and relevant relationship with our clientele.

Why the Ensō sign as our logo?

Ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, the universe.

Enlightenment means “awareness that brings change”.

This symbol has many different meanings, for me, it resembles “innovation and differentiation”.

The open circle symbolizes, that it allows for movement and development. Applying “Kai” (change) “Zen” (for the better), we will continuously find ways to improve and develop our customer experience, to increase “value proposition”

8 Fun Facts about our Founder, Renier Grobbelaar

  1. He is an absolute sports fanatic.
  2. Pasta and steak are his guilty pleasures.
  3. He set a personal goal to swim from Robben Island to Blue Peter, and did it!
  4. Being outdoors, doing mountain biking and appreciating nature is one of his favourite things to spend his downtime on.
  5. He lives by a healthy lifestyle and makes training part of his daily schedule.
  6. After living and working abroad he still considers South Africa the best place to live in and is proud to call himself a Capetonian.
  7. The Ocean and beach has a very special place in his heart.
  8. He rates trust, values and loyalty very highly in business and his personal life.

We recently built a home and Renier was instrumental in coordinating the installation of the security system that best suited our needs and budget. He was extremely informative and product aware and as such was able to tailor make a system that has been trouble free and easy to use.

Previous Client

Overall I found Renier to be extremely personable, thoughtful and accommodating and felt that he took a real interest in my wellbeing as a client.

Previous Client
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