Normally one would start writing about your own business and it’s various services, however I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to spread the word on amazing people, doing amazing work within South Africa.

With South Africa in the grip of a terrible drought, the worst since 1980’s, economists have predicted a severe impact on both the farming community and food security within the country. We need to plan, strategize and act immediately to manage this situation best we can.

Hope Grass Project is one of these amazing drought relief initiatives. It is simple and EVERYONE can get involved without additional personal expenses.

Project Hope Grass sought donations of clean grass trimmings that were processed into animal feed pellets, which were distributed to distressed farms and drought-stricken regions.

If you are in a position to assist this programme financially, please place all donations to:

Account Name: AgriSA
Name of Bank: ABSA
Account Type: Cheque
Account Number: 4068540775
Branch Code: 632005
Beneficiary Reference: Hopegrass

I’ve also took the liberty to add these additional links. One is a video clip from Expresso and the other indicating how EVERONE can easily assist the Hope Grass Project, as well as “Do’s” & “Don’ts”.


Interested parties could get more information on the project’s Facebook page, or contact Agri SA at 084 629 9674 or hopegrassproject@gmail.com

Lets work together as one nation! Have fun.

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